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Maria CD (engl.)

The wind is howling,  jackdaws are chattering over the rooftops, a bell sounding in the distance; all barely audible but giving  a live character to this captivating recording of the a-cappella vocal quartet consonanz à 4 and the organ playing of Elmar Lehnen.
The solo quartet provide refreshing and unusual forces for large scale choral works by great composers such as Liszt,  Elgar, Rheinberger, Messiaen, Poulenc and Verdi.
Wiltrud de Vries, Annette Gutjahr, Bernhard Scheffel und Allan Parkes release an unexpectedly full and generous sound rich in tonal variety. Singing with intensity, whether in forte or pianissimo, the colours and characteristics of each individual voice can be distinctly heard while at the same time being woven together into a homogenous tapestry.
Such outgoing music making creates a compelling musical experience.
Lehnen’s improvisations bear their own inimitable signature: wild and delicate, accessible and idiosyncratic he plays with the material of the vocal works and the rich sound possibilities of the famous Seifert organ.  organ. He evokes veritable sound storms, then almost literally letting in sunshine through the stained glass window only to fade away like a breath of air wafting in the rafters. 
A special kind of listening pleasure.
What makes “Maria”, this captivating combination of voice and organ, so endearing is the way in which the musicians inspire each other and how they combine shimmering soundscapes to create this rich and successful compilation.
“Maria” performed by consonanz à 4 and Elmar Lehnen :  distinctively different.


Cà4  Maria      

19 Tracks, 74 Minuten, Digipak, 24 S.Booklet
recorded between October 2011 and January 2012
at the Papal Basilica of St. Mary