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Who we are

Cà 4, consonanz à 4

They come from the rugged Antrim coast, the endless horizons of Eastern Friesland, the picturesque artists village of Worpswede and the barren Swabian Albs. They have appeared in Israel, Spain, Italy, France, England, Russia, Croatia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Namibia, South Africa and throughout Germany. They have performed grand opera, lute songs, contemporary music with extended vocal techniques, romantic lieder recitals, early music and music theatre and have performed high masses in great cathedrals. Somewhere along the way they met, brought together by their need to sing.

They sing with passion and as a quartet, enjoy the freedom to sing music that is close to their hearts in the way they believe it can move an audience. With their individual interpretation, refined in intensive rehearsals they express their dedication and devotion and share it with their audience.

Each member of the quartet brings their own special ingredients, formed by the influence of many great musicians throughout each individual’s professional career.
Combining this with the various interests and studies- oboe, flute, organ, acting and literature - provides a rich palate of experience to draw on when taking a piece apart, the all important creative process where a fresh approach is sought even for old favourites.
 They are as at home in repertoire of the larger choral works of Bruckner Liszt, Verdi or Poulenc as with pieces written for four voices.

Once they are immersed in a piece, the hours fly by – constantly on the lookout for a new, individual approach. The interpretation of a piece is in flux; always changing, growing and staying alive. Dynamics and tempo are varied and adapted to suit the atmosphere and occasion, always in close contact with the audience.Having worked and travelled together for a number of years, they have become well attuned to each other and work well as a team, which is particularly beneficial when singing oratorios together.

 Wiltrud de Vries, Annette Gutjahr, Bernhard Scheffel and Allan Parkes are their own instrument, a unified body of sound made up of four different characters who combined forces with verve and enthusiasm to focus on their common goal of performing quality vocal music with vitality.
They are consonanz à 4